Notice: Shipping Fee Adjustment During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus(COVID-19), airmail post services to all countries may be subject to delay. Currently, air mail service is available to 24 destinations. However, please noted that only EMS service is available to  Australia、Czech Rep.、Sweden、Poland、Switzerland、Belgium、New Zealand、Cambodia and Canada.

Here are two ways for shipping could be work.

1) This is a list of Airmail service currently available to these destinations.
    Ship by normal post system is 20USD. (15-30 days)

2) By Express system is 45USD. (3-5 days)

Temporarily, we will ship to the suspended area by SF Express or FedEx Express.

No matter how many product you buy the shipping fee is fixed :))

Global Post Shipping

Global_arrived by post system (15~30 days)

Global Express Shipping

Global Express_arrived (3-7 days)

By FedEx or SF Express


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